6 Powerful Character Traits of Great Salespeople

6 Powerful Character Traits of Great Salespeople


If you want to master social selling and grow your sales business to new heights, then you need to condition yourself for this form of social marketing. More importantly, you need to hone your sales pitch and learn precisely how to persuade people to purchase the goods or services that you are selling. A great salesperson will have a handful of dynamic character traits. These are the traits that give salespeople an edge over their competition, and allow them to seal the deal more easily.

Below, you will learn more about the most powerful character traits of great salespeople, and how these behavior patterns can help you expand your sales pipeline.


  1. Be Assertive

Learning how to assert yourself correctly in any type of situation is a useful trait to have. Assertive salespeople project a confident image of themselves which can be felt by their customers.

However, being overly assertive can actually backfire and make it feel like you are forcing yourself onto the consumer. Instead, learn to assert yourself without offending or pressuring anyone. This trait will prove very useful for your lead generation efforts.


  1. Be an Optimist

One simple sales hack technique is learning to be optimistic. Many people are pessimistic and always see the bad in every situation. If you wish to be an effective salesperson, you will need to transform your attitude and begin thinking in a more positive manner.

An optimistic mindset can prove to be very beneficial for making the sale and helping you to remain motivated even when you are under pressure. In fact, your optimistic attitude may even brush off onto the consumer and encourage them to make the investment.


  1. Learn Problem Solving Skills

It should also be known that great salespeople must have excellent problem solving skills. These individuals will be responsible for analyzing a situation and working to solve the customer’s problem every step of the way. A can-do mindset—despite the odds or situation—will allow you to better address the customer’s problem and provide them with the solution they need. By playing your cards right, you will be able to use this technique to plug your product and seal the deal.


  1. Project Confidence

If you wish to be the best salesperson, you will need to have a great deal of confidence. Speaking to others is not easy and many people lack the confidence to assert themselves effectively. A great salesperson, on the other hand, has the confidence needed to speak to anyone at any given time. Great salespeople always feel confident that they will be able to make the sale, no matter who they are speaking with.

In fact, confidence is a skill anyone can develop – even when you don’t feel like it. Try standing in front of the mirror and repeating your pitch to give yourself a little boost!


  1. Be a Good Listener

To be a good salesperson, it is often just as important to listen as it is to speak. In all likelihood, the customer will want to ask questions and it will be your responsibility to answer them efficiently. By listening intently, you will be able to ensure that the customer’s doubts and queries are kept at bay. Learn to listen more than you speak. Do this and your customer will feel right at home in your hands.


  1. Feel Worthy of Respect

Finally, it is important for a salesperson to feel worthy of respect. There’s the famous saying – “The customer is always right”. However, I challenge you to throw that stigma out of the window. When speaking with clients, you should feel worthy of yourself and demand respect. I’m not asking you to talk over their heads in a condescending manner. But remember – you are the expert here, and you are the one with the product knowledge. So act like it.

Once you have gotten the customer or client’s respect, you will be much closer to sealing the deal. Believe in yourself and go get them!


Koka Sexton

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