At a high level, I collaborate closely with founders and marketing leaders, employing a balanced yet uncompromising approach. My goal is to guide companies in crafting and implementing exceptionally efficient and top-tier marketing strategies that enable them to distinguish themselves in their respective industries.

In a high-stakes marketing landscape, I partner directly with founders and key marketing personnel, employing a methodical yet unyielding approach.

Our objective?

To guide your organization in devising and executing game-changing, efficient marketing strategies that set you apart in your industry.

Is Traditional Marketing Failing You? Stand Out in the B2B Arena with Koka.

Frustrated with paid ads that just aren’t delivering?

Koka supercharges your B2B revenue streams by pioneering a narrative-led growth strategy fueled by innovative content.

Turn Your Customers and Team Into Revenue-Driving Brand Ambassadors.

Raising your brand’s narrative isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s essential for your success. Merely banking on B2B influencer creators won’t cut it.

For potent content, you need to tap into the goldmine that believes in your brand: your leadership team and customer base. Elevate your community to amplify content and ignite revenue-generating discussions.

With me, marketers master the art of creating community-driven content, converting your audience into key players in your revenue model.

Influence: The Frontier of B2B Marketing.

15 years ago, Koka initiated a paradigm shift by using LinkedIn as a platform for connecting with decision makers with value-first content. The result was Social Selling and then became Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Generating a huge inbound pipeline, lucrative deals, and customer lifetime value exceeding one million dollars for the companies he’s served.

Prepare for the next evolution in marketing: influence and community-driven B2B strategies. As Gen Z and millennial decision-makers flood the market, Koka’s approach exponentially expands your brand’s reach, turning communities into your revenue powerhouses.