A guide on best times to post on social media

Using social media as a professional may seem like a daunting task. How much do you post, what should you be posting…the list goes on and on.

One of the questions I hear a lot is what are the optimal times to post on social channels? Microsoft put together this infographic on connecting with your audience, which can give you a good idea of when to post.

71% of internet users are on Facebook and it looks like 1PM and 3PM are the best times to post an update there. Share this stat.

23% of internet users are on Twitter and posting at 12PM, 5PM and 6PM seem to be the best times to publish updates. Share this stat.

The graphic goes into more detail and points out that you can’t disregard email as an effective channel either. Besides suggesting 10AM as the best time to send an email, did you know that there is more than 150% increase in clicks when adding social sharing buttons?

Best times to post social media updates

Best times to post social media updates on twitter, LinkedIn, facebook

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