The difference between personal networks and professional networks

Are you spending time on social networks or are you INVESTING time? Lets look at the difference between personal social networks like Facebook and professional networks like LinkedIn. These thoughts work on any social networks that your customers are spending time on.

The top reasons people told us they use professional networks is to ‘Maintain professional identity.’ Professional identity is a hugely important part of people’s lives, filled with aspiration and emotion about Goals, Achievement, Progress ‘Make useful contacts’. . We heard directly from respondents: “I network because I’m constantly looking to grow in my field of work…to help me achieve my goals.” These goals are about providing for their family, achieving financial security, being able to send their kids to college, and even to buy that house on the hill. ‘Keep up to date for your career’ indicating that people are purposeful on professional networks. (making contacts that turn into relationships hat help land the next sale, next job etc)

Koka Sexton

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