How to Write Effective Titles and Headlines [Infographic]


Have you ever published an awesome and informative post on your website but nobody seems to be reading it? It is something that happens to businesses all too frequently. The problem could be that your title doesn’t draw the reader in with a catchy hook. Nobody is going to see your content if they do not click on the title first. That’s why creating effective titles and headlines is an important strategy to learn and implement on your website. Understand what works and what doesn’t so that your website can generate more traffic and sales!

If you don’t have a clue what you are doing wrong with your titles and headlines, you need to take a look at the following infographic from CopyPress. It’s called, “Creating Effective Titles and Headlines.” You’ll learn useful tips, such as Neil Patel’s Four U’s and the SVO headline strategy. These tips, and a variety of other tools, will help you brainstorm hooks and create headlines that will cause people to click through and read your content. Your title is what sells your article.

With a strong foundation behind you on how to write more compelling headlines, your content marketing efforts will become more effective, and you can better engage your audience and drive sales. Always adjust your headlines before publishing to ensure you get the maximum amount of traffic. Our infographic can help.


How to Write Effective Titles and Headlines [Infographic]

Koka Sexton

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