How to Effectively Curate Content

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Many marketers tend to overlook curation in favor of creation — and that’s a shame. After all, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. On social media sites in particular, you’ll naturally do both, posting original content as well as sharing content published by others. Rather than distracting from one another, these two strategies work together to enhance your online presence. The most successful companies have learned how to do content curation well to engage an online audience.

If you’re worried that your customers and online followers won’t appreciate curated content, consider the following statistics: 74 percent of Americans are on social media sites, and they curate every day. Of these users, 41 percent repost content, and 32 percent do a mix of original and shared posts. With 80 percent of marketers already curating content for these consumers and 50 percent reporting a variety of positive results, the question isn’t whether consumers enjoy curated content but rather whether they will find relevant and interesting articles through you — or through a competitor.

Still not convinced? Check out the following infographic for more information on how content curation benefits you and your customers. In addition to some insightful facts and figures, you’ll find tips for how to curate as effectively and efficiently as possible.


How to Effectively Curate Content

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