Fatal Mistakes Salespeople Make With Prospects [Infographic]

Fatal Mistakes Salespeople Make With Prospects Social_Selling_Masters_Course_

Selling is the ultimate purpose of every business. Companies spend plenty of time planning sales and marketing tactics, yet they can’t help making some common mistakes that close up any path for making conversions.

If you are in the social selling world, you need to keep in mind that in the 21st century buyers are more equipped with information than ever before. They have plenty of other options in the competitive market than they did several years ago.

Whether you are selling information, service or goods, you should be cautious to devise up-to-date strategies that speak to your current goals. What worked well a few years ago may now completely be out of fashion and do no good to your business.

Customers are sick of long waiting calls or even cold calls. Disturbing sales pitches on LinkedIn no longer serve their purpose and fail to get your point through.

Take an extra effort to change your direction of thinking and eliminate the following mistakes that are so prevalent among salespeople.

Fail to respond to leads quickly

Did you know that responding to leads within an hour generates 7x conversions? Well, most companies are still ignorant of this potential benefit as well. Only 37% of companies actually get back to customers within this timeframe.

Refuse to understand that the buyer has already done extensive research on the web

We all want to save money or at least spend reasonably. Therefore, when it comes to making a purchase, 81% of customers dig into the web and do some good research. Moreover, they typically begin assessing their options 40-137 days well in advance.

Use intrusive interruption-based techniques

Sending unsolicited emails or adding sales targets to your LinkedIn distribution list usually end up being ignored or find their way into the spam folder. Not only do these interruption-based techniques of presenting your pitch waste your time, but they also shape an unprofessional image for your company.

Hoard information and don’t share

Why do you think the leading companies out there maintain blogs or news forum sections on their website? Well, obviously they have come to realize the importance of sharing and caring. Educating their customers about their service or offer, companies place themselves as experts in their field and do a favor to the sales.

Make a habit of cold calling

Cold calling is a complete waste of resources today. Why bother to call with a pitch if 72% of Americans have banned such calls?

Use something other than your photo as your Social media avatar image

With growing popularity of social media, you can’t get away without selling on social websites. Still, it can ruin your prospects if you don’t portray yourself professionally on your avatar.

Drop buyers into automated phone maze hell

Don’t make your present or potential customers wait for a long time until they reach you on the phone. It is too frustrating, as a result of which 70% of people hang up the phone and ruin their whole impression of your company.

Cling to old ways of selling because you fear change

The most vital mistake (and perhaps the source of the above-mentioned mistakes) is refusing to take a change. With digital marketing solutions, marketing has moved to a whole new level. Lingering on your established selling habits with the fear of change will not serve its purpose.

Social Selling 8 Fatal Mistakes Salespeople Make With Prospects [Infographic]

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