Develop a LinkedIn Connection Philosophy

Your LinkedIn connection philosophy is important. Is quality or quantity the goal? I explain my personal LinkedIn connection philosophy and want to know yours.

I was recently asked about my LinkedIn connection philosophy by a friend and it turned into an interesting discussion about when and how you should connect with someone on LinkedIn.

This was driven by a LinkedIn update I made that stated “84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying processwith a referal. You’ll make or miss your numbers based on the quality of your team’s LinkedIn connections, not just the quantity.”

The range goes anywhere from 1) Only connecting with very specific people that you hold in the hiest regard or 2) Connecting with anyone and everyone that will add you to their network.

Its the basis of the entire quality vs. quanity discussion of you LinkedIn network and I found that many people didnt really have a well defined connection philosophy even though they could articulate in some ways where they fall in the wide range.

I think it’s important for a professional to know what their connection philosophy is and be transparent with it. Regrardless where you are in the range, it sets expectations and lets people that are interestied in connecting with you know how to best go about it.

Koka Sexton

The leader in social selling methodology and ranked #1 in Forbes for social selling. Bringing the science of social selling to the business world and delivering ROI on social media.