A better way to Generating Leads using LinkedIn Groups

Your success at generating leads using LinkedIn Groups will increase when you start getting prospects HUNGRY for more answers, short-cuts and satisfying experiences you can give them.

The LinkedIn gurus say we’re supposed to give our best advice and tips away for free in LinkedIn Groups. Others say the goal is to be seen as an expert in your field. But these ideas rarely work.

The difference between generating leads using LinkedIn Groups and being a starving expert is your ability to create a CRAVING inside prospects you engage with.

The fastest way to get more attention, response and start generating leads using LinkedIn Groups is to provide answers to your prospects’ biggest questions… or solutions to their most troubling problems. The trick to generating leads using LinkedIn Groups is doing that in a way that creates irresistible curiosity in you.

HOW you say things in Groups is even more important than what you say.

View the video to get details on how to apply this practical, effective approach to generating leads using LinkedIn Groups. The video shows you exactly how to create that irresistible curiosity in 3 simple steps.

Koka Sexton

The leader in social selling methodology and ranked #1 in Forbes for social selling. Bringing the science of social selling to the business world and delivering ROI on social media.