8 Proven Ways To Beat Your Sales Goals [Infographic]


Who Are Top Performers?

They are organizations that have high win rates, meet annual sales goals, have challenging sales goals, and try their best to achieve maximum pricing.

Top performers in organizations are twice as likely to meet their sales goals, and usually have a 62% win rate compared to their peers.

Did you know that small improvements in win rates have a direct impact on sales revenue? The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research has identified several optimization tools from their recent findings in the Top-Performing Sales Organization Benchmark Report.

These 8 key methods will ignite your sales goals and help you reach Top Performer status in 2016.

1. Get Close To Your Customers

Did you know that top performers are 46% more likely to agree that their sellers have fluent and expert knowledge of their customers? They are also 45% more likely to agree that their sales process is customer-driven, and are 34% more likely to agree in having flexible sales processes.

Understanding your customers’ needs and situation is key to becoming a top performer.

2. Invest In Sales Training

The more you invest in effective sales training, the better your sales team will perform. 63% of top performers agree that they have excellent sales training. In fact, top performers often believe that their effective training is what helps them meet sales goals and achieve higher win rates.

3. Drive Sales Wins

68% of top performers agree that they have the requisite skills needed to drive and win sales opportunities. When we study the skill areas of these top performers, we discover that they tend to have higher skill levels as compared to their lower performing peers.

4. Focus On Value

It is one thing to provide superior value to your customers – you also need to promote an organizational culture that trains sellers to be customer-focused and value-driven. The numbers don’t lie – 81% of top performers focus on driving maximum value.

You need to focus on value starting from today.

5. Maximize Sales To Existing Accounts

Educate your sellers so that they take the initiative to discover additional areas of growth and opportunity in their accounts. What differentiates top performers from the rest? The ability to maximize sales in existing accounts. Top performers make it a priority to manage their accounts.

6. Set Challenging Goals

Don’t just motivate your team, set challenging sales goals for them. 100% of top performers meet their sales goals, and 82% agree that their goals are challenging. If your sales team is not challenged, they are not growing and your organization inevitably stagnates.

7. Discount Less

Don’t rely on discounts too frequently. Statistics show that frequent discounts tend to dilute sales. Those who discount less often win 48% of their sales, compared to 41% of those who discount all the time.

Focus on your customer and on providing value to them.

8. Develop Sales Managers

Develop sales management qualities in everyone. These traits directly affect the productivity and drive of your sales team. Managers and leaders are extremely effective at creating and sustaining maximum selling energy from sellers. Think of how you can train your team to develop their sales management effectiveness.

8 Proven Ways To Beat Your Sales Goals [Infographic]

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