12 Do’s And Don’ts Of #SocialSelling



As a salesperson seeking out new prospects of generating leads, chances are that you have tried your “luck” in social selling.

Social selling revolves around social media, helping you to stay connected to your customers and get more insights of their wants and needs in order to offer your product in a customer-oriented mindset. In brief, it is about educating your potential customers about your product and leaving the decision to their discretion.

When it comes to choosing this option for making sales, many salespeople jump into the new arena without a grasp of Do’s and Don’ts. Take a glance at the list presented below that will help you understand how to generate desired results with the right balance of selling and social engagement.


cross  DON’T wing it

Haste makes waste! If you are tempted to start social selling without well-defined goals and objectives, you are going to lose the race. Without setting your priorities and expectations in advance you will limit your prospects of benefit.


tick DO set goals

Embarking social selling requires thoughtfulness and vigilant planning.  To records favorable results, first of all, you need to set measurable goals. Know your scope, your audience, your needs and wants and decide on the most optimal strategies to attain them.


cross   DON’T broadcast

Leave extensive marketing to other digital campaigns. Social selling is primarily about building relationships and knowing your customers. Bombarding your audience with promotional content is far less effective than you may think.


tickDO engage

It goes without saying that customer engagement is the key to every business success. Initiate one-on-one communication and be approachable to your customers as you would be with friends.


cross   DON’T be Fake

When you use social media without a genuine purpose to foster a solid relationship, your half-hearted intents won’t go unnoticed. A double dealing is not to be accepted in social selling.



tickDO be authentic

As opposed to pretentious behavior, customers do notice the perks of your unique personality when you are being yourself. Genuine communication is the foundation of every prosperous beginning.


cross   DON’T just sell

If you start social selling with a mindset of closing a sale, you will do no good to your business. Social selling is a powerful strategy for your business if you create opportunities without forcing a sale.


tick DO add value

To become a trusted resource, always have something to give to your customers in return for their curiosity. A piece of useful content or advice is to definitely add value to your pitch.


cross   DON’T blast messages

Refrain from hard sell and sending myriads of messages as soon as you are on the social platform. Not only will forcing sales hinder your chances, but also it will close your eyes for exploring, learning and engaging.


tick DO listen

Knowledge is power. Learn your customers’ needs, factors affecting their decisions, as well as your competitors and their positioning to help you better direct your efforts.


cross  DON’T try to close

Social selling is distinguished in that it is not about closing deals right away. Guide your connections towards a more professional email or phone dialogue to close. Otherwise, you are to remove all traces of trust and credence thus earned so far.


tickDO build trust

Social media is an excellent platform to reach out to prospects. After you establish worthwhile connections, make sure to nurture those relationships to build credibility and trust. Everything else will follow seamlessly and effortlessly.


12 Do's And Don'ts Of Social Selling [Infographic]

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