The Overnight Success with Social Selling

“I’ve done over 700 interviews in the past 32 years. And every time I went out to sell door-to-door I was doing a presentation and I didn’t get paid for most of them — I’ve done over 11,000 unpaid speaking gigs and nearly 2,000 paid speaking gigs. Success doesn’t come from being unmotivated. You must have a need for the marketplace to validate your contributions. The success that I have created in both my business and online was not the result of one thing I did right, but rather a relentless commitment to omnipresence. In this session will discuss how I went from no social following to being the #1 business expert to follow in the world, and how I went from ZERO sales social to literally millions… and how you can too.”

Koka Sexton

The leader in social selling methodology and ranked #1 in Forbes for social selling. Bringing the science of social selling to the business world and delivering ROI on social media.